I found yoga in 2012 and I immediately fell in love with the idea of bringing balance into my life through a physical practice that radiates its positive effects not only on the body, but also internally, on a spiritual level. Since then, I experienced a gradual, beautiful evolution as I developed a regular practice, deepened my knowledge on the subject of yoga, and eventually decided to solidify this passion by pursuing the yoga teacher training here at JaiJaiMa under the guidance of Heike. Now, I am able to not only enjoy the fruit of my personal practice, but also to guide students on the path to healthier bodies and more relaxed minds.

What I love most about the time dedicated to yoga is the detachment from the stress and rush of everyday life, the quiet time I take for myself, to nourish my body, my spirit and my mind, the awareness of myself in the present moment, the sweet surrender of all worries being replaced by the concentration on the movement and the breath. This is precisely the feeling and experience that I try to inspire in my vinyasa classes. I am happy to share the experience and meet many of you on the mat!