From an early age, I believed there was something unseen… I searched, thought, felt and discovered my way into knowing this to be deeply true. An essence of life we can choose to connect into allowing a great flow of ease, radiance, abundance and being. Currently, on my path, I embody many forms… artist, teacher, partner, father and son.
For the past ten years, I have been a Los Angeles-based yoga, Qigong and meditation teacher as well as a nationally exhibited artist and international commercial photographer. In August 2019, my family and I decided to go on an European sabbatical. We are currently located in Würm, Germany. I will be offering classes, workshops and trainings throughout Europe and the United States.
My classes are a heart-centered organic flow of healing modalities including meditation, Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, art, poetry and Bhakti, the yoga of devotion. Co-creating a space with you to connect with spirit, live your satya (your truth) with an open heart allowing for the authenticity of you.
Classes are focused on deep internal listening, accepting one’s innate creative potential and power while balancing and grounding the physical and energetic bodies allowing for a deep, sweet cultivation of joyfulness, lovingkindness and compassion.
A longtime student of Native American Wisdom practices and Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist philosophies, I have movement trainings in Sacred Energy Arts, Qigong, Bhakti Soul Yoga, Tai Chi, Five Element Qigong, Xing Yi and Ba Gua.
I taught daily across many platforms in Los Angeles and Southern California, lead retreats and workshops as well as private sessions and corporate trainings before we began our BIG adventure. I look forward to continuing these offerings abroad.